Jordan x RW collection

The Jordan x RW collection returns for yet another special release. The Jumpman has made a habit of signing on iconic names in basketball. There’s no shortage of Jordan endorsees who are crucial parts of hoop culture. And yet, none have quite the cache that Russell Westbrook has.

Since signing the superstar OKC Thunder guard, the brand hasn’t looked back. He’s been a marvelous success on their roster – even before he got his own signature shoe. The sheer amount of hype coming from just his player exclusives was massive.

Of course, it was never just about getting his name on the roster. For Westbrook, ambitions were always a bit higher. He wanted to make his name as big in fashion and footwear as it was on the basketball court. This collection is an example of that goal.

The collection returns in a similar set of pieces as to its last rendition. Among the releases is a special Jordan x RW jersey. It’s in a standard polyester blend and features some interesting aesthetics. The inspiration here seems to be retro visuals – think NBA Jamz. In fact, much of this collection heads in that direction.

The track pants take on a similar aesthetic, but in a more subtle execution, They’re mostly in navy, save for a Infrared Jumpman logo and expressive graphics along the sides. And then, we’ve got arguably the most sought-after piece of the collection: the Flight Jacket. Sporting visuals that match the track pants, it finishes with a traditional zip-up closure.

It’s about as lowkey as anything with Westbrook’s name on it will ever be. That being said, it’s also a signal to the special collections we can continue to expect from Russ and the Jumpman.

Available now, cop your favorite piece before they’re all gone!

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