Every major sneaker brand has a shoe that might never lose its universal appeal. In fact, some companies have more than just one model. Nike, for one, has among the deepest catalogs of straight bangers in the entire industry. Sure, a lot of that has to do experience – the Swoosh has been doing this shoe selling thing for quite some time now. But, at least some of that quality comes from being open to constant updates. The Nike Air Max 1 Premium SC an undisputed example of this.

We all know, and love, the Air Max 1. After all, it’s the shoe that started a global obsession. From celebratory days to hundreds and hundreds of dedicated IG pages, the AM1 has inspired a huge following. Through the years, we’ve seen this shoe take on many premium touches, and this version keeps its foot on the gas.


The upper boasts a combination of a synthetic base and premium leather overlays. Sporting an All Black look, the neutral colors make the leather’s texture a bit more subtle. But, you can be sure these beauties look great up close and fee even better on foot.


One of the main draws here might be a feature that some would hardly notice. The small check – hence the SC in the name – started off as something of an experiment for Nike. The brand has always been about making sure you knew where this shoe was coming from. To turn away from the blown up branding was originally a bit of a surprise, but has worked out quite well for Nike.

Sporting the usual elements, such as the visible cushioning bag and signature shape, this premium Air Max 1 SC isn’t here to play around. Thanks to its somber color choice, it’s also the perfect addition to your Winter rotation. Don’t sleep!