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TOGETHER #WeKickCorona

30 days, one large sneakAvenue-community and one common goal: We want to help!

The corona virus has caught all of us by surprise. In this state of emergency, it is important to stick together and to support each other, because only together we can achieve more. TOGETHER #WeKickCorona

With "TOGETHER #WeKickCorona" we want to support an initiative from Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka for the next 30 days and donate 5 Euro of every purchase made in our online store, using the code TOGETHER, to #WeKickCorona.

As a “gesture of appreciation” you will get 5 Euro discount on your current purchase by entering the promotional code TOGETHER* during the order process and 5 Euro will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart.

Information overload? No problem. We have summarized it for you:

1. Find your favourite product at
2. Enter promotion code TOGETHER* in the checkout
3. Get 5 Euro discount on your purchase
4. We donate 5 Euro with every purchase to the initiative #WeKickCorona

You shop, we donate!!
TOGETHER #WeKickCorona

Your sneakAvenue Team

For more information on the #WeKickCorona fundraiser click here.

*Code is valid on all orders from 60€ - valid until 31.05.2020

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